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Mainely Kidz is pleased to be able to offer the following with our two facility dogs, Jaffrey and Duke

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)

Animal-Assisted Activity (AAA) provides opportunities for motivational, educational, and/or recreational, benefits to enhance quality of life. AAA is delivered in a variety of environments by a specially trained professional, paraprofessional, and/or volunteer in association with animals that meet specific criteria. (Taken from Standards of Practice for Animal-Assisted Activities and Therapy, Delta Society, 1996)

We are currently offering AAA class on Thursdays at 4pm. This is a 45 minute class and will focus on bringing together kids ages 7 and up, who love animals and want to learn about dog training and caring for animals. This group is led by an occupational therapist with experience in animal-assisted therapy. Kids in this group will participate in various weekly activities that involve training, grooming, toy making, and treat making. This 6-week group is open to children of all ability levels.



Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a goal directed intervention in which an animal meeting specific criteria is an integral part of the treatment process. AAT is delivered and/or directed by a health/human service/educational provider working within the scope of her/his profession. AAT is designed to promote improvement in human physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning. AAT is provided in a variety of settings, and may be group or individual in nature. The process is documented and evaluated.” (Modified from Standards of Practice for Animal-Assisted Activities and Therapy, Delta Society, 1996)

Animal-Assisted Therapy is also utilized and available at Mainely Kidz with our two dogs, Jaffrey and Duke as long as it is beneficial for all involved. Ask your therapist more if you are interested in exploring this.